About Brian Miller

I'm Brian Miller, a photographer with a passion for taking portraits with personality. I have spent the last 22 years as a creative director and art director for advertising and Web design agencies and I know what makes a memorable image. Over the past several years I have begun to reignite and foster my love for photography — something I minored in at the Hartford Art School. 

Wilton Portraits is where I turn my passion into a valuable asset for your personal brand. I work with each client to understand what makes them unique, then we work together to construct an image that projects that to the world. 

Your comfort is my first priority — everyone hates being in front of a camera. Whether it's a professional portrait, senior portrait or casual family photography, I blend in with the background leaving you to feel natural and bring out your inner you. 

I live in Wilton, CT with my wife and two daughters. I've gained a bit of a following by taking pictures of my beautiful girls. Although I don't broadcast my professional work, you can follow my personal photographic work at @bnwdad.


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